DC at Night

I was surprised my husband asked me to go with him to DC, so he could take me to Burredo. He goes there to work and normally doesn’t like going there for fun, but he wanted me to try a sushi wrapped like a burrito.

The sushi was good! I ordered Sophie. It had just the right amount of rice, so it wasn’t heavy;  fish eggs lined the rice topped with a few tempura shrimps and lots of crunchy veggies.  Paul ordered Sophie’s Kiss (picture above). It was good too, but I like mine better.

After dinner, we went to Tidal Basin. The sun was setting and it was beautiful to watch. We walked to World War II Memorial. The summer breeze was refreshing, the temperature at high 70s was perfect! A lot of people were strolling the place too, but not as crowded as during daytime. Here are a few pictures: