D.C. African-American Museum

Yesterday, I decided to go to Washington DC to see the newly-opened museum. I was prepared to see sad stories. I thought I would come out feeling sad, just like my visit to the Holocaust Museum. When I got there,  I saw buses unloading people, mostly African Americans. All were happy and excited to see the museum!! Some handed their cell phones to their friends to take pictures in front of the building.

I lined up to get in like everybody. I was behind a group of young school kids on a field trip. When as I got closer to the door, I noticed tickets were being scanned.  I didn’t have a ticket to show!! The security told me to get a ticket for the 1 pm admission. I was about to leave, when a young guy, maybe the kids’ teacher, handed me his extra ticket!  He was happy to be there and didn’t want to see me turned away.

Here’s a sweet lady who allowed me to take her picture. I wish one day she would come across her photo.


When I first saw the building being constructed I wasn’t impressed.  However, yesterday when I saw it up close, I realized how unique the building is!  It stands apart with its own unique features yet connected to its surroundings! It does speak the people it represents.


Unlike other Smithsonian museums, in the African American museum, you enter in its world, yet when you go closer to the walls of the building, you are connected to the outside world! It’s a refreshing concept the architect, David Adjaye,  incorporated! I love the details of the walls.


The museum features African Americans who served in the United States military.  It tells stories of their struggle for freedom. It also celebrates their triumphs. It has exhibits of the game changers in sports, music, and visual arts.


When I was done with the tour, I walked the side of the building and saw this view! I had a good time visiting the African American Museum. The people involved in making this happen did a great job!

As I was writing this, I wondered why didn’t I see much about slavery? I googled, and realized what I missed! I completely missed the underground exhibits!! Well, I guess that is reserved for next time.