Architectural Photography

During Christmas break I came across an article about the Classical Rules of Design and Proportion, It was  interesting to get a review of basic Geometry (which I didn’t appreciate when I was in school), and its application to architecture and art. I don’t know much about Architecture, but my eyes naturally appreciate certain  design. Little did I know there’s an explanation to this! I got inspired to take a look at some pictures I have taken in the past years. I examined them and asked myself, what prompted me to take the pictures. Here are some pictures!

Taken years ago, when I was awed at the unexpected interior of the Library of Congress.


A building in Disney World. I love the reflection it creates at night.


Trinity Church in Boston. The details are amazing!


I love Boston! Pictures I took from our trip some  years ago still puts a smile on my face. I truly enjoyed the architecture, art work, and history in this city! Above and the following 3 pictures were all taken in Boston Public Library.

Skyscraper building next to Trinity Church.


Harvard School of International Law.


Here’s Salt Lake City Capitol. I like the stately buildings with dome shaped roof.


Aerial view of Salt Lake Temple.


Some details.


What can I say? Union Station…just amazing!