Baby Mae

Just  4 days old yesterday, I took these pictures! She is adorable! Baby Mae was expected to come in January, but surprised her family with her early arrival in busy December! I think babies born on Christmas time are extra special. (Whisper)…my first child was born around this time!

I thought, and was hoping, Mae would be deep asleep when I come. I was wrong! At day 4, her eyes were wide and bright. She was mostly awake, and it took her awhile to fall asleep. I took a few shots of her awake, waited, and even got to hold and dance her to sleep. How close can I be from Heaven? I was holding a baby fresh from up above! She was calm, easy, and delicate.

I brought with me my Christmas blanket to use in a few shots,  perfect for the month she’s born. I’m quite happy with the way the pictures turned out!